Electronic Bill of Lading Solutions

We're looking for YOU (shippers, carriers, 3PLs and retailers) to collaborate on a new digital pickup and delivery standard, along with:

From shipper to carrier to consignee, Vector’s end-to-end solution digitally captures all workflows to facilitate contactless pickups and deliveries.

The position paper will walk you through the task force's mission, benefits, use cases, technology requirements and challenges. 

While there are a wide range and various levels of technology adoption across logistics partners, based on the live and ongoing implementations, it is evident that the industry could conform around a minimum viable set of data elements, definitions, and transmissions which would allow for eBOLs, digital check ins, door assignments, on the fly routing, eSignatures and more - to support a contactless pickup & delivery process.

Once you've signed up for the task force, you'll be able to download the position paper.

Ensuring health, safety and efficiency
through technology and collaboration.

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The Mission

Vector - Electronic Bill of Lading & Proof of Delivery Solution

Join the industry standard for
digital pickup & delivery.

Vector is collaborating with industry leaders & associations to create a standardized data collection and data sharing methods through electronic BOL systems and freight document management. 

This industry standard will enable shippers, carriers, 3PL's, and retailers to execute contactless freight pickup and delivery workflows.

Collaborate with the following trusted shippers, 3PL's, retailers, carriers & technology companies

Get the position paper, participate in the pilot program and provide your feedback to help create the new contactless, digital pickup and delivery standard.

Through collaboration with the Consumer Brands Association Contactless Pickup and Delivery Task Force, create an industry standard that enables shippers, carriers, 3PL’s, and retailers to execute contactless freight pickup-and-delivery workflows.


Improve visibility across shippers, carriers and receivers.

Get involved and be a part of the new industry standard.


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Get in touch to participate in the pilot.

Get on a call with us to discuss details about joining the contactless pickup & delivery task force.

  • 25 Shippers (Coca-Cola, Clorox, Danone, and more)
  • 19 Carriers (Stevens Transport, Werner, Crete Carrier, and more)
  • 11 Retailers (Home Depot, Meijer, Weis Markets, AWG, and more)
  • 7 Associations (CSCMP, CBA, RILA, FSA, FMI, and more)
  • GS1 (the global standard for barcodes)
  • Vector (that's us)

The global COVID-19 pandemic has posed new and unforeseen challenges to supply chains around the world, prompting carriers, shippers, and retailers to adjust processes and implement new protocols to ensure the health and safety of workers while keeping the flow of goods and services moving.

We will share the feedback & what we learned from the task force's pilot program to enable rapid adoption of a standard contactless delivery, at scale.

Join the task force, get the position paper, share your feedback and participate in the pilot program to shape the future of contactless freight.

Fill out the form and we will schedule a call to discuss the details!

The Benefits




Less errors, rework and catch discrepancies earlier.

Reduce health and safety risks of facilities shutting down.

Get drivers in & out to maximize HOS and meet deadlines.

How it works

Deploy Pilots to Facilities with a focus on Internal STO’s

Show that pickup and delivery can be executed without contact.

Extend Pilots to External Partners for Inbound & Outbound Shipments

Build a standard that is interoperable and adapts to companies existing processes and system interfaces.

Standardize the data elements across the network

Collaborate with companies to publish and open source the data elements.

A guideline for a set of processes that shippers, carriers, 3PLs and retailers would implement to streamline operations for the safety for all.


A combination of information, data, and technology requirements for how to implement a solution that can support the process guidelines.